Macbeth as a Tragic Hero

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Macbeth as a Tragic Hero

William Shakespeare 's plays have the reputation of being among the greatest in the English language and in Western literature. Shakespeare produced most of his known work between 1589 and 1613. His early plays were mainly comedies and histories, genres he raised to the peak of sophistication and artistry by the end of the 16th century. He then wrote mainly tragedies until about 1608, including Hamlet, King Lear, Othello, and Macbeth, considered some of the finest works in the English language. Macbeth play is believed to have been written between 1603 and 1607, and is most commonly dated 1606. It represents the character of Macbeth ,the protagonist, as a tragic hero. The classical idea of a
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We may assume that the grand success in the battles with Duncan’s enemy whetted his ambition before his actual meeting with the Witches. And when he learns from them that “”, he gets greatly moved. His excitement at the “strange intelligence” from the Witches begins to transform into a strong ambition very soon at the fulfillment of the two prophecies as he is greeted by Ross:“Glamis, and thane of Cawdor! The Greatest is behind.” Right from this moment Macbeth begins to feel a split in his character created by the great pulls of morality on the one hand, and terrible anticipation of the royal reality: “...why do I yield to that suggestion Whose horrid image doth unfix my hair...” Of course, Macbeth demonstrates his good sense when he comments on the prospect of his kingship: “...Present fears Are less than horrible imaginings.”
The real nature of Macbeth only comes out as soon as he commits the murder of Duncan and experiences the psychological and moral effects of the such a heinous act. Combined with this is Shakespeare’s presentation of the popular effects of usurping a rightful king. As Macbeth gets alienated from nature and faces the ordeal of the absence of divine grace, he does not learns from the prick of conscience. On the contrary he goes on to affirm his authority in a wrong way, and here again his authority gets
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