Macbeth by William Shakespeare

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As the play goes, Macbeth shows a character of free will. Although his destiny was pre-determined for him by the witches, he took action to believe and to make sure that his prophecies will come true. Macbeth is a strong character with many deep desires that include gaining power, and so throughout the play with the many crimes he had committed, there was no turning back for him. In all, his decisions help shape the future ahead of him. First off, Macbeth encounters the witches and gets a sense of his future of having power as a king. That information gives off a craving for his deepest desire and it influences his actions to deliberately make his future come true. ( But if fate is in control of him then fate would have make it come to him instead of Macbeth doing all the work. He even pondered himself that “if chance will have me king/why chance may crown me without my stir.” (1.3. 156-158). But after, it was clearly seen that his actions were not with his destiny. All the wrong deed that he has done is his fault. It should be himself to blame not Lady Macbeth’s strong persuasion when he decided that “I am settled, and bend up/each corporal agent to this terrible feat.” (1.7. 89-90). He had a long soliloquy about his rights and wrongs if he did this crime. If fate was behind his actions in this murder than why does he still kill King Duncan if he knew his consequences? To that scene

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