Macbeth vs Macduff

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In the daily lives of people, individuals often attain factors that affect them in their routines. These factors may include family, work, education, and sometimes even religion, which ultimately forms a basic foundation of who they are based on the level on importance they place on each factor. To these factors, whatever they may be, people attach a certain level of importance in order to determine and distinguish which factors are top priorities in their lives. In the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare, the level of importance that Macbeth and Macduff place on factors that affect their lives greatly differentiates the role that they each take on in the play. These factors include their family, their country, and last but not least the…show more content…
With this quote, Shakespeare shows Macbeth 's reckless qualities, by showing that Macbeth fails to care about Lady Macbeth 's death. When the quote is translated, it states that "She would have died later anyway. That news was bound to come someday." This exposes Macbeth 's emotionless soul, when the one closest to him, his wife, dies. With this Macbeth reveals the true hideous monster he has become. As Macduff 's character is analyzed, Macduff demonstrates love towards his family. He was a protector and guide among his family, and was willing to sacrifice anything in order to protect them. In opposition to Macbeth 's reaction to his dead wife, when Macduff discovers his wife 's and children 's death, he says "I cannot but remember such things were/That were most precious to me" (4.3.229-230). His pain and suffering when the discovery of his dead wife and children was made, is the opposite of Macbeth 's reaction to Lady Macbeth 's death, with his response being that she should have died earlier. Macbeth 's best interest was not for his country, or family, but for himself. Macbeth was dumbfounded when the Weird Sisters blinded him with hopeless prophecies. The decisions that Macbeth was willing to make in order to make those prophecies become a part of his reality is what conclusively defines Macbeth 's character. The

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