Macbeth was Heroic in the Military

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Macbeth was a strong heroic icon in the military, but that all changed when the possibility of being King mentally destroyed him, his wife, and his desire to have a long reign. Throughout the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare there are various characters that become mentally unstable and begin to have battles with themselves caused by bad decisions or the decisions made by other people. A character in the play named Macduff deals similar issues. He suspects that Macbeth is a murder and with the tragic news he hears about his family, he is mental ready for revenge. Lady Macbeth also deals with problems with the decisions and actions that she and her husband did, and it destroyed her so much that she could not even stand herself. Macbeth dealt with many issues because of the killing and the fear of not being king for the rest of his life. Macduff did not deal with the same symptoms as the other characters, but because of the unfortunate series of events that happened to the kingdom and his family he too had a problem with anger and a strong desire for revenge. Macduff suspected that Macbeth was a murder and had been the one that killed the King. Already Macduff wanted to take an army to Macbeth, but then he hears that his family and his castle were destroyed, he then wants serious revenge and plans to kill Macbeth himself (4.3.239-243). Macduff dealt with strong anger issues and the eagerness for revenge. Lady Macbeth, at first, was very interested in having her
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