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Macbeth was Sane

Although Macbeth may have suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, his suffering does not constitute insanity. Macbeth was in a healthy mindset when he embarked on his murderous spree and treacherous rule of Scotland. His actions and reactions prior to and throughout his tenure as King of Scotland were normal considering the circumstances. The following evidence will prove that Macbeth was indeed sane.

The first thing I would like to point out is Macbeth's clear understanding of his motives and their consequences. After he heard the prophecies of the weird sisters, his ambition got the best of him. He immediately considered murdering Duncan and the morality of the murder.
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It is obvious that Macbeth was thinking clearly because he understood the significance of his thoughts and felt guilt over them. This guilt would not be present in a crazy man because a crazy man kills without remorse.

Another important matter to discuss in determining Macbeth's mental state is Macbeth's hallucinations. In my professional opinion, these hallucinations were not the result of insanity. I feel that they were manifestations of the stress Macbeth was feeling. In no way do they suggest that Macbeth was insane. Rather, they prove that Macbeth was reacting the way any other person would to extremely stressful and gruesome situations.

Macbeth's first hallucination of the bloody dagger leading him to Duncan's room was a way for Macbeth's mind to release some of its anxieties concerning the act of murder. Although Macbeth had killed before, he had never killed for the purpose of improving his position. His previous killings were in battle where he was killing his enemy, not a man he had no substantial problem with. I feel that this hallucination was definitely the result of Macbeth's own anxieties coupled with the extreme level of stress he was experiencing.

Macbeth's second hallucination involving Banquo's ghost was most likely due to a form of a post-traumatic stress disorder. The traumatic events of Duncan and
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