Macbeth's Ambition Research Paper

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As we all know Macbeth has our impression of being a brave hero who's loyal and honorable., but this look on him only gets complicated. Although his sight to becoming king comes with downfalls. From Lady Macbeth's weakness, to killing herself. Going to Macbeth’s murders causing him to see Banquo's ghost, also seeing the “dagger” (Macbeth,2:3).

However once we see Macbeth’s interactions with the three witches we meet in the beginning of the play, we see his physical courage is somehow joined by a consuming ambition. A tendency to self-doubting predictions of him towards becoming king. Especially after they have told Macbeth that the prophecy will come true (Macbeth,1:3). Macbeth takes that into consideration, with wiping out his
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By first being called the Thane of Glamis by the three witches, then being called the Thane of Cawdor to being crowned King of Scotland (Macbeth,1:2,3). Macbeth responds to every problem with violence and murder, because this is something he has learned to become.

Never being comfortable in a role as criminal, he can't bear the psychological consequences of his actions. Struggling between his ambition and his sense form right and wrong. Going from the first murder of Duncan getting the throne, then killing the guards to frame them for the murders that have happened (Macbeth, 1:7). Banquo's death to prevent his prophecy coming true (“ He would father kings “) . To lastly the Macduff family, killing them all, because they has betrayed Macbeth (Macbeth,4:1).

Lady Macbeth, a deeply ambitious women who is in love with the feeling of power and position (Macbeth,1:5). In the early stages of the play, she is known to be stronger and more ruthless than her husband. Urging her husband to kill Duncan and claim the crown, with all this bloodshed accuring Lady Macbeth falls with guilt ( “ a little water will cleanse us of this deed-- starts to feel regret (“ power without peace of mind “). Guilt causes her to confess during her sleeping walking stage, telling us all that she cannot wash away the blood stain. Her conscience affect her so much more than Macbeth, eventually Lady Macbeth commits
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