Macbeth's Power

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Throughout reading the play, Macbeth changes a lot from being a man of loyalty and honesty, to a man of whom is power hungry and greedy. This shows how the more power you receive the more power you want; which in many cases, such as this one leads to destruction. Many of the choices that Macbeth made were influenced by the power that he had, and this power began to take over him. This then lead to greed and destruction of not only others, but himself as well. In the beginning of the play, Macbeth is not in a position of authority yet still receives praise. Although Macbeth is not in a place of power, he is truly content with his life. Macbeth is looked up to and admired for begin so brave and courageous. In the beginning of the play…show more content…
Macbeth use to be a man of loyalty and courage, a noble man, not a man of greed and insanity. Once Macbeth became the king he went on a rampage, he wanted more power and wanted to stay king, not letting anyone get in the way. Macbeth was out of his mind, killing everyone that could possibly take over the throne. He wanted everyone to praise and admire him as king, for everyone to remember the name ‘Macbeth. ' The more Macbeth was given, the more he wanted. In the end it did not work as well as he thought it would. Although he was still king, he killed many people including two of whom were very close to him, Banquo and his wife. Now in the end was it all worth it? All the greed that came over him just for more power? Was it worth hurting and killing so many people? Nothing and no one was good enough for him, all he needed was himself, his thrown, and his power. Once Macbeth was given more power his ego grew rapidly and everything just went downhill from there. He became thane which then lead to being king, The more power he wanted lead to him becoming more greedy, it started to control him and ruined many other lives. This play shows that no matter how much someone has they still want more and are never pleased with what they
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