Macdonald's in India and Their Marketing Strategy

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Introduction: Food is an important cultural element. Globalization has led to a spread of such cultural elements all around the world. Fast food chains like McDonald’s have spread to different countries like India, Pakistan, China etc. McDonaldization has taken place. This paper rhetorically critiques different advertisements and the official website of McDonald’s in India and USA. It also talks about the differences and similarities in the approach taken by McDonald’s in these two countries. India and USA are two very different cultures. Introduction of McDonald’s in a country like India was a challenge that McDonald’s successfully completed. They changed their marketing strategies, menus, websites and restaurants according to the region in which they were situated. Website critique: First, I did a rhetorical analysis of the websites. Both websites have several things in common. They use the same color scheme and are easy to navigate. The signature red and yellow colors that McDonald's chooses to use to be associated with its company, are symbolic of several things. These two colors signify that McDonald’s is a welcoming restaurant and has friendly service. Another thing that both franchises have in common is that they are involved in helping donate money to the Ronald McDonald House Charity. This shows that the McDonald's corporation isn't all about making money, they also contribute to the society. The verbal signifiers for both the websites is same and is very
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