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Mondrea Mathews
Professor Germain
HRM 532 Talent Management
January 22, 2012

McDonald’s has been around for fifty-four years. By McDonald’s growth to more than thirty thousand restaurants in 118 countries serving fifty-five million customers per day. A number of factors led the organization to the conclusion that enhancements in its talent management and development system were need. (Goldsmith, 2010. p.156). McDonald’s framework for “Plan to Win” consists of the people, place, product, promotion, and price. McDonald first has to have the right people in place to make the business successful by obtaining a global/local approach in the management
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Common themes touched on by many managers that were interviewed who had implemented organizational rules centered on order in the firm and the stability that organizational rules provide for worker-manager relations. The strengths of the program made the global aspect of the company be more adjacent to the understanding what they really needed to work on to make the company be more efficient and successful. McDonald’s LAMP program is a great start for the company to have the right people in place to understand the positions that were expected of them to keep the organization on the move. The LAMP program had 5 key components which included executive assessment and program orientation; 2. Individual development planning and executive dialogues; 3. Leadership modules focused on leadership of self, team, and organization with experiential exercise to reinforce the learning; 4. A two week executive education program with a focus on global business and culture; 5. Business improvement recommendation presented to the chairman’s and presidents councils (p. 169). McDonald could focus on the customer service in the organization because that is what drives the business. McDonald needs to make sure that they are using good ethnic practices such in several ways. One way they can do this is for the organization to provide for its employees an ethical productive work environment. Another important way that an

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