Machiavelli Leadership

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Is the Best Leader Always the Best Liar? (A persuasive essay on the best leader using ideas found in Machiavelli’s Prince and Plato’s Republic) In every society, club, team, or government, some sort of leadership is in place. Leadership is important in any gathering of people in order to give guidance and direction. Different types of leaders can be found everywhere. Some people believe leaders should be kind and a friend-figure, while others like leaders who are no-nonsense and get things accomplished. One scholar, Pamela Spahr writes, “Some people consider leadership to be the ability to motivate and inspire followers. Others argue that leadership is the ability to get a job done no matter what. Both definitions are true,”(Spahr). Every person has their own definition of a leader. Is there really one right way to rule? This is a common discussion in order to help solve the world’s problems. Leaders help give the major population guidance. Machiavelli in his book, The Prince, outlines his perfect ruler, who is a man who uses strategic might to run the country. He uses power and cunning to gain power, and is not always truthful. On the other hand, Plato in his Republic says a leader is one who is trustworthy, and can relate to the people. Machiavelli and Plato present two completely ideas of leadership. Machiavelli’s viewpoint is extremely realist, while Plato talks in idealist views. The best leader, as outlined by Machiavelli and Plato, is Plato’s philosopher king because
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