Machiavelli Vs. Rousseau 's The Prince

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Machiavelli vs. Rousseau In the era that both Machiavelli and Rousseau, the way that they were brought up had many similarities (e.g. the way they were governed), but it also became apparent that they had very diverse ways of thinking and analyzing many of the social problems that plagued their respective nations. At the time that Machiavelli was writing his prized piece, “The Prince”, Italy was under high scrutiny for engaging in various war to expand their nation; nonetheless, to make matters worse their kings both suddenly died and someone inexperienced came into power that ultimately forced Italy to give up its Northern estates. “The Prince” was not meant to be a piece that illustrates how a prince should behave, but instead it was more a blueprint for individuals to maintain their power for as long as they desired. In the meantime while Rousseau was crafting both of his publications, Discourse on the Origin and Foundation of Inequality Among Men & The Social Contract, France was heading into a revolution that no one would have ever expected. Both Rousseau and Emmanuel Sieyes, a political theorist, came up with the general idea that men should be free and that power should be evenly distributed to form a better nation. But whose version on the way that society be governed is correct, Machiavelli or Rousseau? Machiavelli wanted a prince to be head of a power nation while Rousseau argued for a more governed society with equality being the main issue. Machiavelli’s

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