Machiavelli 's ' The Prince '

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Ian Shields Mr. Bingham Politics and Lit. (p.7) 10/17/2003 Machiavelli 's breakthrough: Sacrifice History 's most prominent leaders have shown extreme congruence. These leaders almost always hold reality over ethics. How can we classify lying and manipulative leaders as immoral when their duplicity is the very reason a society can maintain stability? This idea has of "means justifying the ends" has been a staple in History 's most prosperous of societies. Machiavelli 's novel The Prince was the first stab at understanding this human tendency of what is now known as Machiavellian. Machiavelli grasped the sad reality of our world and did not fall prey to other 's idealistic propaganda. Great leaders understand what the endless potential they hold, they can manipulate their followers to make best of what is possible and above all they understand sacrifice. Modern day Machiavellians and successful leaders think realistically and communicate through idealism. No matter the extremes of your belief, utilizing Machiavellian tactics have the capability to bring anyone to power. Machiavelli 's the prince summarized the general concept behind the logic of leading, but it is hard to grasp this big idea without seeing the outcome of its appliance. Stalin, Hitler and other iron fisted leaders are often considered Machiavellian. While their motives and ambitions are widely accepted as immoral, their rise to power was absolutely genius. Hitler 's ability to unify a collapsing nation
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