Machiavelli was the first “modern” thinker and the father of realism. During his time, he

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Machiavelli was the first “modern” thinker and the father of realism. During his time, he considered rulers barbaric, wanting only money & power. Machiavelli also observed human nature in which he came to learn that human nature is self-centered. He believed human nature doesn’t change. Thus, the “Prince” was written in purpose to how a prince should obtain and hold onto power. Machiavelli discusses five points that a ruler should follow in order to obtain the status of a prince. Machiavelli discusses that way for a ruler to get principality by the means of masses. He states to avoid hatred and to not oppress the masses. It is much easier to please the masses and obtain their trust. Along with pleasing the masses one has to take…show more content…
But in order to acquire these lands a ruler must make sure the previous ruler has no heirs and must not alter old laws or impose new taxes. A quote from the “Prince” that satisfies this statement is, “everyone sees what you seem to be, few have direct experience of who you really are”. Basically, a ruler can put up an act in front the people but in all reality do what he needs to do for his self-interest. These principalities can be used to give advise to the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. Putin is a politician who served as the president since 1999-2008 and 2012-present. He has been reelected as president a few times. In 1999, Putin had promised to rebuild Russia, which helped to obtain votes, and he won the presidential election. When he came into play, Russia was a weak country and had a weak economy. As the president, Putin wanted to end corruption and make sure that Russia had a strong-marketed economy. An issue that Putin has been trying to fix is the economy. There were a high percentage of low class families in Russia and this has been a problem before Putin came into chair. The poverty rate in Russia at this present time has raised 1.1% last year that is 13% of the population, 18.1 million people living below the poverty line. The minimum wage in Russia is about 4,600 roubles and the minimum cost of living is 6,200 roubles. The balance between the minimum wage and poverty population correlates with one another. Income is
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