Machiavelli's The Prince and its Role in Politics in the Renaissance

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In the time of Renaissance, which has been characterized by the age of reawakening of humanism. The prince plays one of the most important role in the dramatic developing of political in the Renaissance period and still hold an universal impact on today's politicians. However its views points has been debating over time. Machiavelli maintain the thoughts which is the essential for the cruel to a successful leader. To those of view points according to Machiavelli's thoughts are the arguments that a prince is to be clement or cruel, to be feared or loved. Those significance are appeared in his written and plays the main role in his viewpoints.
It is common to every leaders that wants to be thought as clement but not the cruel in his
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This book is a nightmarish prophecy to the Utopia as we know.
But if we look through it in another angle of view, you can see how successful the leader in this book control his citizens. Everyone loves Big Brother because of fear. This book shows how does the leader use people's fear to control their behavior and thoughts.
To go back to Machiavelli's prince. If there is one must be abandoned and it will be love. It is better to be feared not loved because will not ensure loyalty.
It is much easier to turn against someone that you loved than you feared. Your military might promised to work for you because of love. Once the dangerous has to be faced. The fear to dangerous is strong enough to cover the love. Fear could ever leads people blind because of human nature also. This is why Big Brother controlled people so successfully. He is good at catch and obey humanity and utilize it.
So the choice will be obey our human nature. If citizens are feared by his leader and even much more than the "dangerous" does. For instinct, they will turn slavery to the one that is most feared unconsciously. I don't think love is not as valuable as fear to the politic. But a smart leader would chose a easy way to govern his citizens.
Then to concern to love and fear when two of those could be kept at the same time. A mighty leader should be able to measure the best balance to the love and fear. The love must not over the fear. As i said above,
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