Machiavelli's View On Human Nature

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re such, the prince must always respond with such. Whereas Machiavelli laces his historical points with a wealth of evidence and detail, he tends not to provide significant explanations for many broad generalizations on human nature. Machiavelli clearly demonstrates that through his negative and pessimistic view on human nature, that the common citizen is only part of the equation which keeps the prince in power. Machiavelli also believes that unless we assume that human nature and behavior is unchanging, how can we study and understand the actions of people in the past. The lessons and principles derived from the study of the past could be applied to the present, therefore Machiavelli’s view on human nature will always be a negative one. Without virtue and without adhering to any sort of moral code, the prince, is able to consolidate his governance over the common people through intimidation and brute force.

The following excerpt from Chapter 17 is
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While The Prince is merely a summary of Machiavelli’s “understanding of the deeds of great men”(vii), and although the book has a scholarly tone, it wasn’t intended for fellow scholars. The Prince was meant to counsel, direct, and influence the minds of rulers, and guide aspiring princes. It was meant to be contradictory, instead it was meant to be straightforward without being open to different interpretations. Machiavelli truly believed in the systems he had proposed in The Prince, however while he drew upon successful leaders and their princedoms, he didn’t make any reference to the failures of the same princes and the eventual collapse of their
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