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1 Introduction
Mackintosh-Grant, a leading clothing and footwear designer, headquartered in United Kingdom is formed by merger of two companies in 2008. It designs, manufactures, markets and distributes a large range of high tech leisurewear and footwear products through Europe, United States of America and Asia Pacific. With 700 employees at its three sites in
Eastern Europe supplies products to over 6 million customers in 20 countries. Let’s analyse the potential of this highly lucrative clothing and footwear industry.
Solely Shoe Industry has an annual revenue of about $360.1 billion. Europe is the largest market of shoes all over the world, while Asia-Pacific has the fastest growing shoe market at 7.9% CAGR. From 2007 to 2011,
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Such shoes coupled with good marketing strategies can be a huge success as according to
IDF (international Diabetes Federation) reports show a staggering 285 million people having diabetes worldwide.

Specialist Sportswear Products(SSWD):(i) This segment has the least Operating Profit despite having highest revenue amongst all division, hence least
Profitability. The company strategy is to target only 25-45 years for specialist sportswear products, but a lot of sports enthusiasts aged 12-25 are not considered in this segment.
(ii) Moreover, After 35 hardly people tend to use specialist sportswear. We have decided to divide this SSWD segment into two fragments. One 12-35 and the other 35-45. Manufacturing wise 12-35 products would be made robust and stronger as these are the ones which will be used more frequently by the users.

(iii) 135 million 12-25 population in UK, Europe itself which are highly sports oriented. In North America also teenagers are very enthusiastic about sports like rugby, football, and athletics. However, since the price of the product is in upper quartile. Therefore, its scope is limited in Asia Pacific owing to lower income levels and lesser awareness about sports.
(iv) The company can form tie-ups with the popular European football clubs like Manchester United, Barcelona,
Real Madrid etc. and manufacture their merchandise as these clubs have huge fan
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