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Otherside-Macklemore “We live on the cusp of death thinking that it won’t be us,” (l.32). Macklemore is saying that people think that they will not die from doing drugs. In this song Macklemore is stating that drugs can be really addictive also he states that drugs can really mess you up and how media influences you to do drugs, for example rappers like Lil Wayne which he talks about in this song and Wiz Kalifa. Strong poetic devices permeate throughout Macklemore’s song Otherside for example he uses allusions, repetition and end rhyme. An example of a poetic device that Macklemore uses in this song is allusion. One allusion Macklemore uses is “Groundhog Day life repeat each time”(l.59). Macklemore mentions the movie Groundhog Day the…show more content…
He is also saying to keep him on this high of making his music instead of using drugs to get high. Macklemore uses repetition in his songs to help emphasize what he is talking about. One other poetic device that Macklemore uses in his song is end rhyme. One form of end rhyme in his song would be, “there’s no way to glorify this pavement/ syrup, Percocet, hit an eight a day will leave you broke depressed and emotionally vacant,”(ll.45-46). The rhyme in this line would be pavement and vacant which is also a forced rhyme. He also states that if you become addicted to drugs you can go broke, go into a type of depression and become emotionally vacant in other words destroy you. Another use of end rhyme in this song would be, “surprise, you know the drill/ trapped in a box, to climb record sales/ follow the formula violence, drugs and sex sells/ so we try to sound like someone else”(ll.40-43). In this line the words that would rhyme would be sales, sells, and else. Macklemore is also stating the fakeness of today’s rappers who tend to rap about drugs and things they haven’t done when they should be rapping about their lives and struggles they have been through. Macklemore uses end rhyme to tie in certain lines that should be read together. Media can really affect how someone thinks or looks at drugs and Macklemore helps explain this trough this song by using allusions, repetitions, and end rhyme. This also applies to my life by

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