Macon, Georgia – We Made The Big Move At The Beginning

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Macon, Georgia – We made the big move at the beginning of my senior year and I was around 16 at the time. I had all of my senior credits for school in Colorado because of advanced placement courses. But Texas had a whole new set of rules regarding graduation. There was a test called TAAS, which I was expected to take with less than a year of preparation, while the rest of the students had been raised and prepared for this test their entire school life. I knew that I would have academic obstacles because the curriculum was also different and most of it focused on southern issues that were new to me, such as FFA and welding courses as electives. If the new high school wasn’t going to be a problem, my new home life would. It’s very hard…show more content…
From the moment we arrived in Macon, the family treated us like outsiders because of what little they knew about my dad and our new move. When it became evident that we would be there for a while, I was enrolled in the local high school, where I had numerous cousins and one of my younger sisters with me. My sister quickly found a spot among the “it” kids, while I stood back and observed trying to make sure she stayed clear of trouble. I had few if any peers who talked to me when not required. This school was a majority African-American, so again I’m not fitting in with the races because I talk and act differently (my dad made sure we spoke proper, no jargon all the time). There were teasing and name calling but I remained strong because I knew that my younger sister was getting the worse of the deal. She had to begin school the way she enrolled and things were so bad for her, that during her first week she got into multiple altercations with other students, some who were her blood relatives. I had no friends, more so enemies and my guard was always up because my cousins loved to get me in trouble, even when I had done nothing wrong. Finishing high school remained my biggest concern because at least then I could try to work and find a new home for us (we had to stay with relatives). I never could stand cigarette smoke and I didn’t like alcohol, so the cool kids, which sometimes included my middle sister, were

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