Macro Analysis Of Ashford International Hotel

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Ashford International Hotel is a UK based modern hotel nearby Ashford International train station with magnificent location that attract tourist and nearby town people towards the Ashford for tourism purposes. The location of the hotel makes it attractive for tourists and other customers to select it as their location to stay on their holidays and normal visits to Ashford. The hotels provide the facility of contemporary furnishing, décor, Wi-Fi, separate lounge areas, complimentary wines and snacks that has increase its demand among consumers. In addition, the excellent food services offered by the in-house food and beverage department of the hotel makes it more worth of customer’s preference in compare to other hotels working in Ashford (The…show more content…
An effective promotion campaign helps the company to attract new consumers from all over the world towards the potential locations of the hotel and enjoy their products and services (Leung, et al., 2015).
Marketing Audit
It is important for a company to perform marketing audit in regards of different analytical tools so is to help the management of the company formulate effective marketing strategy. For the respective business report, Macro and Micro analysis would help the company to highlight different factors that would affect the marketing campaign and business of the company (Leonidou, et al., 2013).

Macro Analysis
It is essential for Ashford International is to maintain political connections with driving political parties and leaders for goodwill of business. A section of the legislature orders like no-smoking strongly affect cordiality industry. Ashford International had evacuated all cigarettes wending machine from the hotel however they present the smoking zone in the hotel territory, they make advertising procedure to pulling in the smoking visitor into the inn, they added to the smoking friendly rooms for their consumers (Manhas & Tukamushaba,

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