Macro Analysis of the Coca Cola Company Essay

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In the following report, we present a macro analysis of the Coca Cola Company. It shows the issues and current situation of Coca Cola, specifically in India. The study shows the essential elements in the beverage industry.
This work contains a brief introduction of Coca Cola and details the biggest issues, which have been analyze with STEEPLE analysis in order to analyze the current situation of the company. The main objective is to determine the position of Coca Cola Company in the market and see the factors that are affecting it directly and indirectly. The study shows several factors that such as the economic growth, environmental issues in the communities, legal problems,etc.

Coca Cola is an American multinational corporation and manufacturer of non-alcoholic beverages. The company is well known for its main product Coca-Cola, invented in the 1886 by John Stith Pamberton and was incorporated in 1889 by Asa Griggs Candler. Coca Cola Company currently have more than 500 brands over 200 countries, and serves approximately 1.7 billion servings per day. Since 2000, Coca-Cola has been criticized for many malpractice issues, including health situations, pollution problems and poor business practices. The main allegations against the company are related to the effects of coca cola on health, environmental irresponsibility, controversial marketing campaigns, and suspicious labor practice, among others. The perception of the company by its unethical…