Macro Assessment Paper

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The second part of this paper will examine what is known about the problem with research literature. It will include the methods of interventions used to tackle the problem, evaluation of interventions, and a summary of article used. Each summary will include methods, samples used, intervention designs and implantation, the outcome of effective or ineffective interventions, other findings, and a final paragraph that will discuss what was learned from the articles. Next, part three of this paper will intend to conduct a macro assessment on infectious control standards at St. Raymond’s House that are experienced at the agency, community, and policy levels. Part three will also include personal interviews and information provided from the agency…show more content…
Three basic protocols were formulated. These protocols includes, cohorting all ill residents, immediate cessation of work when staff became ill, strict hand hygiene, and cleaning of toilets three times a day. The second protocol suggested cleaning with disinfection measures, disinfection with two hundred and fifty parts per million of chlorine, and recovered staff taking care of ill residents. The final protocol included specific measures of disinfection with one thousand parts per million chlorine, prevention contact between wards, ill staff staying home until forty-eight to seventy-two hours following recovery and the use of face masks when in contact with vomit (). Theses interventions were evaluated by giving staff and residents a questionnaire that included symptoms, duration of illness, and contact with other patients. Next, all affected wards received an evaluation questionnaire about the total number of residents and staff, and the implementation of the different protocol measures during the outbreak. Protocols had to be carried out until seven days after recovery of the last
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