Macro-Environmental Analysis for Marketing

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The “Vital Foods” Yoghurt Company was established in 1995 by two farmers who wanted to create wholesome, natural, organic and nutritiously delicious yoghurt for the active and time poor. Founded on the dairy plains of Victoria, “Vital Foods” is fast becoming one the premier yoghurt manufacturers and have asked that their new product be marketed correctly. As each type of product has its own target market, we must ensure that this market is properly researched, analysed and have an appropriate strategy to implement. A market by definition and be surmised at being “the set of all actual and potential buyers of a product” (Kotler, 1998). The yoghurt market consists of all the actual and potential buyers of yoghurt products. The…show more content…
As well as this, utilizing the “Australian owned” brand, will further influence those who have a strong sense of patriotism. Natural environment Kolter et al defines the natural environment as “natural resources that are needed as inputs by marketers or that are affected by marketing activities". In today’s society, the presence of planet preservation is continuing to grow and become a forefront in the public’s mind. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the activities of the industrialised manufacturing. As “Vital Foods” is completely dependent on the natural environment for their product, the potential to use this aspect is quite significant to their marketing strategy. Today’s consumer is more informed, more aware and more intuitive to the ways in which their goods are manufactured. This state of mind places great control in the hands of the consumer who can boycott particular products, such as the CSR sugar boycott in Werribee, Victoria (Banner 1998). Such issues that would affect the manufacture of yoghurt would be the nature of the treatment of dairy cows, use of chemicals or hormones to stimulate production, the effect of operating the dairy farm and its impact on soil nutrient depletion and even usage of water around the farm. “Vital Foods” may wish to structure their campaign around
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