Macro-Level Practice Skill: Needs Assessment

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Macro-level practice skill: Needs assessment Conducting an effective needs assessment is a critical component of working as a sociologist. Needs assessment requires an understanding of the needs of the community which the agency is designed to serve. Methods of needs assessment will vary depending on the resources of the organization. In my case, it involved reviewing the relevant statistical data available from government agencies about the general population along with conducting more informal qualitative interviews of the community. Needs assessment may also entail a review of the relevant scholarly literature on different ways similar communities have been served. "Needs assessment is the formal process of identifying needs as gaps between current and desired results, placing those needs in priority order based on the cost to meet each need versus the cost for ignoring it, and selecting the most important needs (problems or opportunities) for reduction or elimination" (Leigh 2000). Asadi-lari, M., & Gray, D. (2005). Health needs assessment tools: Progress and potential. International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care, 21(3), 288-97. As well as psychological and social aspects of client health, the physical health of clients can and should not be ignored when treating patients. This paper examines various ways in which needs assessment can take place to assess client health, which may encompass general overviews of clinical data, patient surveys, and
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