Macro & Micro Environment Analysis

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JOHNSON & JOHNSON | | | Instructor’s Name : A. Srikanth | Study Title : Macro-Micro EnvironmentCourse Name :Marketing Management | | | SUBMITTED BY: | Khushboo KhandelwalPooja ChoudharyKaushal mahajan | Sumit gulatiSushan Sikka | 8/27/2010 | | ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Special thanks are due to Lecturer, [Prof. A Srikanth] the Mentor of the project for guiding and correcting various documents of ours with attention and care. He has taken pain to go through the project and make necessary correction as and when needed. We would also like to thank our…show more content…
The Company got an overall ranking of 22 in a study by the Great Places to Work Institute in partnership with The Economic Times, India's No 1 business daily. This was the biggest study of 2009 and more than 373 companies participated in it. Only 50 made it to the Best Companies to Work for list, making it one of the toughest contests of this kind globally. This is a tribute to all J&J India Employees and stands testimony to the strong CREDO culture and HR programs. Around 360 employees participated in the Survey conducted by the Great Places to Work Institute. The main reasons for success of Johnson & Johnson in India are as follows: * Ethical practices leading to a strong brand * Focus on customers * Decentralized organization * Focus on product development * Good working environment * IT for business processes enhancement Leveraging the India Advantage * J&J India is at the leading edge of global product launches. In some cases J&J India has launched new products in India even before in the US (for example, the cipher stent). Indian doctors’ ability to quickly learn and apply new techniques provides the company with quick feedback and faster launches. * The Indian R&D and testing centers provide services to
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