Macro Trends And The Future Of Healthcare

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Macro-trends and the Future of Healthcare: Associated Healthcare Management Opportunities
Five macro-trends are identified as having an impact on the healthcare industry now and into the next two decades. The five trends include the economy, population demographics, personal behavior and lifestyles, technological innovations, and governmental regulations. While each impacts the delivery of safe, quality, and timely outcomes in patient care, there is a corresponding impact to the number and types of healthcare professionals who participate in the care process. An analysis of the five macro-trends will uncover five healthcare management opportunities of the future.
Macro-trend: The Economy
The state of the economy is a critical factor in health care and associated trends. Certainly not the only legislative event to have an impact, the enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) disrupts previous economic influences of health care (, n.d.). PPACA changes the economic landscape of health care. With PPACA’s implementation, financial incentives or penalties are instituted via government regulations, impacting providers of all categories. For the consumer, insurance plans are available for everyone, regardless of healthcare conditions. Like providers, individuals will be penalized if not participating in an insurance plan (, n.d.).
Healthcare spending, regardless of whether the provider, individual or otherwise, is in a state of flux, possibly…
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