Macroeconomics : An Overriding Thing

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Macroeconomics has become an overriding thing. The need to promote a healthy economy has been a critical goal for most governments and economists. However this has not been tenable in most cases. The economy can fluctuate but should not go out of control. This means that it has to stay within the expected realms of growth path so that it is capable of avoiding long-drawn recessions. This can occur based on internal mechanism or through help from policy that provide protection from inflation and recession. The economy should be able to respond to such polices without any major structural constraints. In this case, macroeconomics helps in understanding the underlying issues that can help in the realization of such economies. A healthy economy has to be steady and stable over the long-term. Based on this information, this paper explores the underlying issues in macroeconomics, especially with regard to components.
II. Background and Explanation
Macroeconomics began in the 1930s in response to the Great Depression that occurred in that period. The English economist, John Maynard Keynes, introduced it, thereby leading to the use of the term Keynesianism to refer to macroeconomics (Snowdon & Vane 7). According to Keynes, the market is incapable of generating enough savings by itself to support and sustain investment at full employment levels. Therefore, the achievement of this aspect could only occur based on the sporadic sharp increase in spending by the government. Therefore,
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