Macronutrients And Their Role Of Nutrition

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Macronutrients and Their Role in Nutrition
Life is a matter of choice, so chose to stay young and healthy, enjoy life and have a long journey ahead!
Definition and overview of macronutrients
Nutrition is the study of nutrients and how we process the food we intake. Nutrients fall into two main categories: macronutrients that we need in relatively large amounts; and micronutrients, which are mostly needed a small amounts. Foods and drinks has a range of substance called nutrients that we use for the body development, supporting healthy tissues and body energy. Good sustenance allows us to do well physically, as well as mentally also. “Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food” ~ Hippocrates. Nutrition is then making a smart choice about the food you eat and getting the right amount of nutrients from the food.
Macronutrients is a kind of nutrients that has a large chemical substance in the food that we eat that provides energy to our body. There are 3 macronutrients; Carbohydrates such as food rich in sugar, lipids, and proteins.
How macronutrients contribute to the sustenance of life in a nutrition patient
Human body needs carbohydrates in large amount as one of the macronutrient for a range of 45-65 % of carbohydrates and 130 grams for children. Carbohydrates will provides the energy that fuels human body’s metabolism, keeps human brain and nervous system to function and maintain overall health. There are 3 types of carbohydrates; sugar, starch, and fiber that…
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