Macronutrients Our Bodies Need are Carbohydrates, Protein, Lipids or Fats, and Water

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Macronutrients are represented by grams because they are needed in much larger amounts than micronutrients which are represented in micro-grams. The four macronutrients are carbohydrates, protein, lipids or fats, and water. Carbohydrates and lipids provide the most energy (kcal) for the body, however if there is not enough of either, the body will breakdown protein in order to create energy for survival. Water is the only macronutrient that does not contain energy, but along with proteins and lipids it is essential in the growth and development as well as the biological processes of the body. I am currently in my third trimester of pregnancy and therefore my macronutrient intake levels are higher than most females my age and weight. Over a 3-day period in late January, I kept a food journal so I could analyze my macronutrient intake. According to my bar graph results, I took in an average of 230.76g of carbohydrates which is approximately 72% of my DRI (Daily Recommended Intake). I should increase my carbohydrate intake with more vegetables added to my diet. I could add a small side salad to my lunch and dinner without adding extra calories as well as increasing my fiber intake. My fiber DRI is 32.53g, however I did not meet this goal and consumed a mere 18.74g of fiber. That is only 58% of my recommended fiber intake. Instead of filling up on pasta and enriched white…
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