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Macrophages originate from white blood cells which are called monocytes. The job of the macrophage is to able to take in foreign substances such as fungi, pathogens, bacteria, tumours, parasites, viruses and thereafter destroy them. These macrophages act as a first line defence if the immune system is attacked by any foreign substance they set off an alarm of sorts throughout the immune system. When macrophages are called to take action glycoproteins help them increase their efficiency in tracking down and killing the harmful pathogen Macrophages are a type of phagocyte, the role of the macrophage is to detect, engulf and destroy any pathogens which may be harmful to the body.
The pinocytosis phase is a mechanism by which cells
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This would be crucial as if the immune system cannot react quick enough in disposing the harmful substances then the virus will quickly take its toll on the individual as they may fall ill. Also the reason as to why macrophage dysfunction would prove to play a vital role in the immune system is that we know phagolysosome takes place inside macrophage cells as when they ingest the harmful substance once breaking it down they gain immunity from that form of pathogen. This is key in enhancing the immune system as it educates the system on this new form of disease which the body may not have come across before. The more the macrophages ingest and digest the more immunity the body is gaining, we know that macrophages are constantly in alert mode so it is an automatic response of the body to send out the macrophages to destroy anything that is harmful and if the macrophages become dysfunctional then the body especially the immune system would struggle in terms of efficiency and being able to gain
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