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Identify Risk and Plan Risk Management MacVille Assessment 1 Submission details (Due: week 6) Candidate’s name | | Student ID | | Assessor’s name | Olga Borovkova | Email | | Assessment site | Cambridge International College | Assessment date/s | | Time/s | | Contents Risk Context 2 Have your read the assessment????? 2 Your role and task 3 Internal Risks Context 3 External Risks Context 4 Evaluation Criteria 4 MacVille Risk 4 SWOT 5 Check list 5 Stakeholders 5 Research 5 Risks 5 Risk Analysis 5 Risk likelihood table 5 Risk consequences table 6 Risk Matrix table 6 Level of risks for MacVille 6 Risk evaluation 6 Control Measures 7 Resources 7 Consultation 7 Appendices 7 Appendix…show more content…
In accordance with MacVille requirements, you will need to follow MacVille risk management policy and framework and reporting requirements. MacVille requires the completion of a risk register for each venture or project and a risk treatment action plan. It is now the beginning of the first quarter of the financial year. MacVille expects risk management activities to have begun (or be ongoing) simultaneously with implementation of production by end of second quarter. Internal Risks Context What is PNG project is about and what are the objectives of this project. Please, read your assessment “New Venture”. Are these objectives can help MacVille company to achieve its objectives, and missions? Mission/vision/objectives of the company. Why it is important to know? What could happen if we don’t know. Discuss organisational policies and procedures relating to risk management processes and strategies: MacVille policies, framework and risk management process. Do these procedures help with the project and support the project, help risk identifications, etc. How does the MacVille’s risk management strategy address the identification and control risk? MacVille internal Stakeholders . Have your read who are stakeholders? Who are the stakeholders, who can help and support the project. External Risks Context Discuss Political situation (in Australia and Papa New Guinea) Insert your answer

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