Macy 's A Big Retail Market

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Macy’s has become one of the greatest retail stores in the United States. Since they first opened their doors to customers in 1858, Macy’s stores have always been grand and innovative. They have changed their stores quite remarkably since it’s beginning. Macy’s elegant charm has brought in customers who have help turn this retail store into a huge company. Currently Macys has 850 department stores in 45 states. Most Macy’s stores are quite spacious and have two to three levels in which they market to youth, women, and men. Macy’s selling strategy has grown to have great experience in pulling in customers. From sales to advertising, Macy’s is a big retail competitor. The company focuses on their customers by targeting specific age groups,…show more content…
If the items in the front are folded and coordinated then customers are attracted and more likely to buy. Usually the beginning stands display new clothing to excite their customers of the new trends and inventory they should check out. Tables are placed in the front so that customers can easily access the clothing they are looking for. They also give some examples of what they could find behind the stands. For example, if the clothing on the tables has neatly folded sweaters, then the clothing racks behind would have the same sweaters and pants that would match. Big displays of mannequins were placed around the stores in order to attract customers to that certain brand. The models would be wearing outfits with the clothing only pertaining to that brand. When looking for that outfit at times, they would make it convenient and placed all the clothing in the same area so that the customers could easily just buy the outfit. Another way they would set up the clothing is that they would scatter in different parts of the outfits around the brands space in order to get customers to look for it and also see different articles of clothing that may interest them. Starting from the right Macy’s built up the outfit from socks to head wear then to clothing, shoes, and lastly jewelry/makeup in the middle to complete their look. Macy’s is currently targeting and looking at the younger age group so any fashion or
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