Macy 's, Inc.

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Macy’s, Inc. goes all the way back to 1858 and would end up being one of the most successful and biggest department stores in the retail industry across the globe. The total revenue of the first day of the company was a whopping $11.06. However, at the end of the first year, the store earned a profit close to $90,000. In 1877, R.H. Macy & Company had occupied eleven different store locations and was considered to be a full department store.
As an innovator, the company is well known for starting many trends that would impact the retail industry. R.H. Macy & Company was the first to advance a female to be an executive, Margaret Getchell. This act made history in the business world. They were also the first business to sell the
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In 1924, foreign employees proclaimed their lives in the states by throwing a Christmas parade. It brought out over 10,000 bystanders. This began the start of a tradition Macy’s now holds referred to as Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. In 1945, R.H. Macy & Company grew tremendously and decided to buy O’Connor Maffatt & Company located in San Francisco and was soon changed to “Macy’s”. In 1994, R.H. Macy & Company was acquired by Federated Department Stores, Inc. This acquisition organized the greatest department store. The company will later be named Macy’s, Inc. Federated Department Stores, Inc. controlled more than 400 department stores and over 157 specialty stores spread throughout 37 different states.
By 2005, Macy’s had over 240 regions spread out on the West and East coasts. It continued to expand with a total of 435 areas across the United States. At the end of 2006, Macy’s proudly provides service to consumers through 800 stores in the country and their successful website,
Mission Statement
"Our goal is to be a retailer with the ability to see opportunity on the horizon and have a clear path for capitalizing on it. To do so, we are moving faster than ever before, employing more technology and concentrating our resources on those elements most important to our core customers."
Vision Statement
"Our vision is to operate Macy 's and Bloomingdale 's as dynamic national brands while
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