Macy 's International Retail Strategy Essay

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Macy’s International Retail Strategy
There are many opportunities available for companies willing to venture into new, international markets. Reaching more customers and therefore, turning a larger profit are two fairly obvious reasons for companies to consider global expansion. However, the potential benefits do no end there. Expanding to international markets can hold less obvious, yet extremely beneficial appeals such as access to new and different talent pools, grander output requires great advances in efficiency, and international expansion can, in some cases, aid in “future proofing” the company.
Naturally, when there are great gains to be had, there are great risks. A lack of understanding in cultural protocol is a commonly occurring pitfall for foreign, new to market business endeavors. Also, even positives such as China’s size, can commonly be a double edge sword. It is imperative for companies considering international expansion to create a solid entry to market strategy, which evaluates if the firm has any potential in achieve gains in a foreign marketplace.
Expansion In Asia There are countless considerations for any company to evaluate when considering which international markets to consider for expansion. Industry specifics aside, two countries which are experiencing a rapid increase in American business partnerships are China and India. Both China and India boast exceedingly large population, in fact, they are the first, and second most populous
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