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External Analysis for Macy’s Departmental Stores Inc.


Macy’s Department Stores Incorporated or Macy’s is an American based retail chain of departmental stores. It is currently operating under two brand names the Macy’s and Bloomingdale in over forty five states of America. The company specializes in the range of products including jewelry, furniture, house hold items, footwear, clothing and other related items.It also offers online shipping services to the clients in large numbers of countries. The company currently operates in four business segments including Macy’s,, Bloomingdale’s and (one source, 2011).
The company’s stocks are listed in the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol M
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Among the list for top 500 Fortune Companies, Macy’s Inc. is listed at number one hundred and three (one source, 2011).
Macy’s Inc. has a very strong network all over in the United States under its two main brand names but the company has very weak geographic presence. All of its business functions are in the United States. Any changes in the economic, political, legal, and social framework of the country will have direct impact on the business operations of Macy’s Inc. and its profitability will suffer many folds.
Another level of weakness that exists currently at Macy’s end is the number of legal issues and proceedings associated with the company. These legal issues can impose serious trouble on the company’s goodwill and profitability (USSEC, 2010).
As specified in the weaknesses, Macy’s Department Stores Inc. has very little geographic presence in the countries where the growth ratio is much higher. Among the possible list of opportunities available to the company, the company can expand its business operations and portfolio in the emerging markets of Asia like China, India etc. these markets represents the great potential of success and profitability to the large numbers of companies. Business expansion can also be done by having strategic alliance in the form of mergers with

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