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Outline: Industry analysis • Talk about industry in overall o Industry performance is influenced by population growth and the age distribution of the population o Definition of Industry: Department stores retail a broad range of general merchandise including drugs, health and beauty aids, clothing, footwear, accessories, appliances, home furnishing, toys and sporting goods, lawn and garden tools and automotive equipment\ o merchandise arranged in separate departments o what is not included in this industry: ▪ supercenters ▪ warehouse clubs o Main activities in industry: ▪ children’s wear ▪ drugs and cosmetics…show more content…
o - online shopping o - big box retailers... sell wide range of products including groceries Competitive Rivalry. Retailers always face stiff competition. The slow market growth for the retail market means that firms must fight each other for market share. More recently, they have tried to reduce the cutthroat pricing competition by offering frequent points, memberships and other special services to try and gain the customer's loyalty. Rivalry/competition - Intense competition - lower the price to gain customer base as well as hold the event - There are four top players in this industry hold 77% of market share ▪ o What will happen in the future: ▪ the industry is declining. ▪ expected to decrease in the next five years at annual rate of 2.4% to 172.16 billion Macys Info and analysis: Macy's and upscale Bloomingdale's sell men's, women's and children's apparel and accessories, cosmetics and home furnishings. Aside from its brick-and-mortar stores Macy's also operates, and Bloomingdale's by Mail in addition to an online bridal registry.[2] Macy's mostly sells products from third-party manufacturers, however the company also produces a number of private brands, such as Alfani and Club Room.[2] These private brands

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