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Mad Cow Disease Bovine spongiform encephalophathy ( BSE), which is mainly known as mad cow disease has infected the society and has put the lives of individuals at risk. This was very frightening to the people that ate meat during that time. The terrified people would not even want to eat hamburgers at MacDonald, steak at restaurant and much more. What also alarmed the people was the fact that there was a possibility of getting the human form of mad cow disease. This was called variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD) which is through tainted blood, but this was only a theory which…show more content…
Canada also exported most of its meat to the United States, and at

that time it was the world’s largest beef importing country. The US also had a case of mad cow disease on December 23, 2003. This horrible disease is a chronic, degenerative disorder that affects the central nervous system of cattle. The infected cow was from

a farm in Washington. After killing the cattle, it was sold out with out the owner’s knowledge that the cow was infected with the deadly disease. Right when the US department of agriculture (USDA) found out, they launched an emergency investigation that involved the United States and Canada. Canada and the States had a goal which

was to find out where this disease started and to stop it before it was too late.

Some people say that all slaughtered cows should be tested, but the problem is that many of these cows are very young and the disease will not show up in the cows until they have reached 30 months of age. DeHaven also said that “This is a disease with a very long incubation period-typically three to eight years.” He also states that” To suggest that we would test all animals regardless of age at slaughter is not consistent with the science and what we know about the disease.” A professor at the University of Maryland says that the disease will replicate in some tissue parts of the body during incubation periods, and only after three years it

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