Essay on Mad Farmer Liberation Front

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Thomas Nichols

Wendell Berry’s “Mad Farmer liberation Front” makes a strong argument for the simple life, preservation of nature, and individualism.
Wendell Berry clearly states how Americans and people should live their lives. Berry’s points are valid and to the point; he believes that an independent person is a strong person. This very argument is ageless; used by people throughout time. One could say Wendell Berry is somewhat of a modern day Thomas Jefferson seeing how they share similar ideas. To fully understand Wendell Berry’s works more especially “Manifesto: The Mad Farmer Liberation Front” we take a look at his life. Born to an educated farmer in rural Kentucky Wendell Berry learned at an early age how important the
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The inspiration is ignited by Wendell Berry’s life what he has done and how he has lived. As I read the poem the wording and over all message took the spark and set my mind a blaze. However this wild fire of interest and hope was soon erased by the anger I felt when I thought about all the people whom think just the opposite of Berry and myself. Taking time to calm down I was pleased once again by the thought of Berry, and how he is a true champion of nature and for the improvement of all that dwell in it. Wendell Berry wrote “Manifesto: The Mad Farmer Liberation Front’ in the early 1970’s. This was when people truly started to push for legislation promoting a cleaner and safer planet. The importance of this issue is easy to see if people destroy the earth humans will be destroyed with it. Now days most people take pride in recycling and doing things to leave a smaller carbon foot print. This philosophy is called the “Being Green” several major corporation practice this along with millions of people which must make Wendell Berry very happy to see. The major point of “Manifesto: The Mad Farmer Liberation Front” is to protect individualism and to isolate one’s self from the Government and nightmarishly large corporations. These institutions try to swallow up as many people as they can this way people become extraordinarily dependent upon them which makes these consumers turn
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