Mad Men Symbolism

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The 1960’s was still in the midst of the throwaway society. Everyone wanted everything new. Anything that was old or outdated was thrown into the garbage. There was no talk about recycling. In one scene Don is having a picnic with his family and when they are done, don’s wife flips over the picnic blanket and scatters their leftover litter everywhere, don also throws his finished beer can into the lake. The symbolism is that they are materialistic. They check their hands, so they don't dirty the car, but it’s okay to pollute the property they don’t own.

Unhealthy habits were not questioned in the 1960’s. Consequently, as long as everyone got along and looked the part an unhealthy habit was ignored. Advertisement dominated many people's decision making reasoning. If people saw an ad encouraging smoking they wanted to smoke as well. You never second guessed what you were told or else you were thought of as a rebel or someone who went against the grains of society. Such as Smoking in the 1960’s was the thing to do; it was not questioned. It would be equivalent to owning a cell phone today or not owning one. You are considered odd if you didn’t follow along. Roger Sterling is one character in Mad Men rarely seen without a glass of vodka in his hand even at work. Drinking and smoking on the job was the social norm, as long as everyone behaved, it was accepted.

Women’s role in society was to behave and shape themselves to fit into men’s ideals. Peggy upon getting her new job
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