Mad Men : The Center Of American Advertising Industry

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Mad Men is one of those shows that you often hear about but never really paid attention to watch. Many people have told me that it is a show simply about the 1960s and that just turned me away. It was until I came to college, decided I wanted to be a communications major who would later work in an advertising agency out of college that it sparked my interest. Mad Men is a critically acclaimed AMC show based centered around the fictional Sterling-Cooper Agency on Madison Avenue in New York City; which is said to be the center of American advertising industry. “Mad Men” was a term coined by those in the industry in reference about themselves. The show already has so much value built in that reflects the time period all within the pilot…show more content…
The gender inequality exists in the show; men and women work for different reasonings. Men like Don Draper and his fellow co-workers are there for power, money, and status. Women like Joan likes to be the queen bee; she acts as the head honcho of all the women in the workplace. Joan is a very strong female character for time of sexism. Though she gives direction to people like Peggy to work and keep themselves busy and really to find a husband in the long as she says to Peggy that if you work hard enough, you do not need to work another day and you will be in another country referring to finding a wealthy man to marry. As Joan shows Peggy around on her first day, she lets Peggy know that Don is not necessarily looking for a secretary but rather a mix of a mother and a waitress. The work setting of Sterling-Cooper is very much believable. Since it is more of a mid-sized agency, you generally do not know every single person and apparently that is true especially for the head creative director, Don. When Don was meeting with the head of Jewish Department store, he immediately went for the male who happened to be an employee of his in the creative department. This scene even sheds some light on gender roles in the 60s. Don had automatically assumed it was not Rachel. Gender roles and sexuality plays has a big part in Mad Men. There are often jokes about women and who is sleeping with who as normal casual conversation at work among all the men. And this too speaks to

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