Mad Myrtle Alternate Ending

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Laughter spilled out of the alleyway as three small children, a boy and two girls, came tumbling around the corner, one of them tightly holding an object inside her coat. They looked both ways and sprinted across the street, only to collapse in the grass behind the General Store. Gasping for air and trying to talk between giggles, the oldest girl told her two companions what they had missed. “An’ then… Mister Myrtle came… a runnin’ in, he yelled my name… an’ you just bet I took off a’ sprintin’... cause you know my mama… would kill me if I was in there. But you guys shore done a good job keepin’ watch!” Laying backwards to look up at the wispy clouds, the youngest of the three girls sighed, “Emily, you done got us in a load of trouble this time. So now you gonna tell us what Mad Myrtle had that you wanted so bad?”…show more content…
“Oh, Bryan. You’re so scared of everything, you don’t know how ta live! It’s gonna be fine.” Emily replied. “Serious, Em. You don’t know what it does. You need to be careful.” Bryan’s concerned voice echoed behind the buildings, the only other noise being a horse trotting up the empty street. As the argument evolved into full-out bickering, Bryan finally had enough and made a mad grab for the machine. Trying to protect it from his wild grasps, Emily grabbed the machine with both hands, accidently pressing in a dial on the side. The sound of gears grinding noisily filled the air, and Emily tried to drop the machine as it whirred and vibrated in her hands. The other two backed away, eyes wide, as Emily screamed and suddenly… disappeared. Bryan and Ava turned to look at one another. Their first thought was that Emily had somehow played a trick on them. Bryan ducked around the corner of the building, expecting to see Emily doubled over in laughter, just on the other side. However, the side of the building was empty. Confused, Bryan and Ava looked all around, but there was no sign of their best
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