Madagascar Facts

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Quick Information
Full name: Republic of Madagascar

Capital city: Antananarivo

Continent: Africa

Population: Approximately 22,900,000

Language: Malagasy, French

Located: Off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean

Fun Facts: Madagascar is the 4th largest island in the world and app. 90% of wildlife in Madagascar exists only in Madagascar.

Animals and Foliage Madagascar is home to many beautiful animals. One of these is the lemur. You can go pet and feed lemurs at the lemur park in located in Madagascar. Another farm you can go to are reptile reserves, where you can see heaps of live crocodiles lying around. Madagascar is also home to many beautiful birds, such as the Common Sunbird-Asity and the Helmet Vanga. These birds are crazy colors and have
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The most common diseases are malnutrition, respiratory infections, malaria, and bacterial diarrhea. There is also high risk of getting hepatitis A, typhoid fever, dengue fever, and rabies.

Madagascar is also 187th on the rankings of obesity prevalent to adults. With 4.6% of adults obese, these numbers are astounding compared to Australia. Australia is 44th on the list with 29.9% of Australian adults overweight.

Religions Madagascar has a variety of religions, and you have the freedom to choose what religion you are while there. Even though there is religious freedom, most Malagasies tend to lean towards Christianity, Muslim, and the Indigenous faith. 52% of Malagasies are of Indigenous faith, 41% are Christians, and 7% are Muslim.
Fun Facts
-80% of the world’s vanilla supply comes from Madagascar
-President Hery Rajaonarimampianina has a longer last name than any other president in the world
-Madagascar’s leading sport is rugby, placing 41st worldwide
-Madagascar was given its name by the famous Italian explorer, Marco Polo
-6th poorest country in the world
-Only 11% of the roads in Madagascar are
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