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The country that I chose to research was Madagascar. Madagascar is an Island country located in the Indian Ocean in South Africa. It is mostly known for its trail of large mountains. It's twice the size as Britain, coming in as the fourth largest island in the world. Mountains, though it is the main attraction, isn't the only thing Madagascar is made up of. It has forests, crystal lakes, massive caverns, and savannah grasslands covering the west part of the island. The south region is made up of sandy deserts. These parts of the island are dry, hot, and tropical while the mountains have a lower temperature from the rest. During the “wet season,” which is from December to march, is when
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Other tribes consist of: the merina people, betsileo people, betsimisaraka people, tsimihety people, Malagasy people, antaisaka people, antemoro people, antandroys, tanalas, sihanakas, mahafalians, antanosy people, bezenozalo people, antakarana people, veso people, antambahoaka people, austronesean people, bara people, makoas, zagimaniry people, mikea people, antaifasy people, and Indians in Madagascar. Many ethnicities were created throughout the history of the island. Most of these groups are quite similar in looks, languages, and religions. The clothing consists of bright, colorful pieces of cloth called “lamba,” which come in sets of two. One piece is wrapped around your waist or chest while the other is wrapped around your head or shoulders.

The traditional languages of Madagascar are Malagasy and French. The Malagasy language originates from Malayo/Polynesian culture. The French language was brought over long ago when the island was still under French control. It is mostly spoken by the educated population of the former French colony. Their main religions are christianity, which was brought over from Portuguese, and Muslim. Madagascar has a semi-presidential government. The president is head of state while the prime minister is head of
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Trade is one example. The world’s major vanilla source is Madagascar. Around 75 percent of the world’s vanilla comes from there. Coffee, cloves, seed cotton, cocoa, pepper, sisal, and peanuts are also commonly exported. Since many of Madagascar’s natural resources can only be found in madagascar and very rarely are they discovered in other places, trade is a very large part of their industry. Foods aren't the only things they export though. Mining is a huge part of their trading. Many kinds of crystals, diamonds, and gems can be found deep in the island. Another way is tourism. Madagascar is a prime location when it comes to travel. Many people enjoy traveling to the island and exploring its many features. It is especially busy during the transition from April to may, when the hottest months of the year have passed but it has not yet approached the coldest time. People enjoy seeing the mountains, forests, and deserts of the island and are willing to pay good money for
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