Madam Cj Walker, By Sarah Breedlove

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On December 23, 1897, Sarah Breedlove who is now known as Madam CJ Walker, was born on a delta on a Louisiana Plantation where her parents, Owen and Minerva Anderson Breedlove worked and were enslaved prior to the civil war. Although she was the first child of her siblings to be born after the abolition of slavery, she faced just as many hard times. Walker was however able to renovate herself from an illiterate laundress and farm girl to a highly successful business women. By doing so she beat all odds because she was not only black but a woman during a time that saw value in neither. Walker led a movement of great proportion to answer that inequality in life. Even though she died long ago, her legacy lives on in all of the people who…show more content…
Sarah moved to Denver working as a sales agent for Malone where she met Charles Joseph Walker, a St. Louis journalist, who later becomes her husband. Sarah then became known as ‘Madam’ C.J. Walker. Her business began. Walker founded her own business and began to sell Madam Walker’s Wonderful Hair Grower. She claims that formula for this scalp healing and conditioning treatment was revealed to her while she dreamed.Walker began to travel, for a year and a half she was seen all over the South and Southeast promoting her business. Aas she formulateddevised sales and marketing strategies, her hands on approach seemed to be workng. Walker wentould go door to door demonstrating her products. With her name buzzing in churches, and lodges she was beginning her path to success. Iin 1908, she opened Leila College to “hair culturists” (similar to a present day beauty school). By 1910 Walker settled in the nation 'snations largest manufacturing center, Indianapolis. She built yet another beauty school, a factory for her products and a hair and manicure salon. Walker also donated $1,000 to fund the building of the ‘colored YMCA’. During the year of 1913 Walker traveled to to the Caribbean and Central America expanding her business even more. Finally she moved by herself to New York in 1916. She left the day-to-day work to her former school teacher, Alice Kelly. She would oversee how things went from her office in NY but she really became interested in the political and

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