Madam Hailey's Memoir

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It was a dark and stormy night, when Annabelle Heinsdorff was born by a water stream, 5 years ago. Her mother May ran ,she knew someone was watching her somehow. It was unacceptable, in her town. Annabelle never knew her parents, she wanted to meet them, but never knew how to get out of the house without passing by Madam. Madam Hailey always sat in her chair in the lounging area, with Fluffy ,her cat, in her lap. As Annabelle headed to school, in a place near Salem where the teachers were bile, she grab a piece of parchment and wrote a letter to her father, hoping would someday get.

Meanwhile while Annabelle was at school, Madam Hailey, Fluffy, and their maid, Kate, were at their home, doing as normal, Madam drinking her tea, Kate cleaning as her job says so, Fluffy always thinking what could happen. Madam was bile, she knew something was going to happen. Something unordinary, it gave her chills, but then she smelled something very perfumed. Annabelle always “bathed” herself in perfume, which was a bad thing because Madam Hailey
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Then suddenly after she is spooked, cast a spell on Fluffy, after that Fluffy was a human again. Again?, you may ask, Fluffy was a human, but he was a bad child so Madam cast a spell on him that only she can reverse. Fluffy’s real name is Jason, when he stood up for the first time in years, he pointed to Madam and said “You evil witch. Why did you do this to me? Only if I had some type of power, I could turn you into a cat.” Then he ran to Annabelle when she yelled “What is happening?” Jason said “Stop! Don’t say one word, if you do it’s off with your head! Understood?” “Yes!” Annabelle said. “Annabelle! Get back here!” said Madam.

Madam cried of the foul act of a person. She ran around when she recognized the man. The man was an evil man, it was Annabelle’s father. Hoping this would lead to her mother, Annabelle followed “No looking back
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