Madam Hoo Chapter Summaries

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Jake Jake is Grace cuddle bear and and jake is also the bookie and tries not to do something so he can do other things.
Grace likes to tell people what to do and is bossy.

Turtle and angela get along most of the time but sometimes they're not

Angela Angela is very fashionable and likes to wear good looking clothes and is really sassy. Madam hoo Madam hoo does not talk that much because she is chinese and she does not walk that much she has foot binding.

James hoo James hoo is a really cracky has a food place but no one comes to eat there so he's always mad.

Doug hoo Doug hoo is very athletic and he is a runner unlike his parents he's not as cranky

Chris theodorakis
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Theo theodorakis Theo sticks up for chris and makes sure that no one else's can pick on because of his problems.

Flora b Flora really likes turtel because she use to have a kid she had down syndrome and when she was 19 teen she died from pneumonia

Sandy Sandy has drinking problems and his family is not rich they are really poor like he can't use his phone because has no money to buy one

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