`` Madam Seer Could You Please Tell Me Your Story?

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You walk into a dark, musty room with blood red crystals hanging from the ceiling and see this young girl with long black hair and sitting in a high backed black leather chair worn with time and in her hands is a small black bowl filled with a dark blood red liquid with dried herbs floating in it that is giving off a soft purple smoke as the liquid bubbles and churns as if boiling.You had come here for one reason: To hear the story she has to tell and share it with the world.The reason for this is that you are a storyteller. As you walk over to her, she looks up at you, her deep blood red eyes gleaming like gems of blood with her face hidden slightly by a sheer bloody crimson veil that is hiding her face, which is that of sheer…show more content…
.Through all this time he stayed in the village corrupting it’s people and changing the way of life in the worst ways possible.That is until the day I met him.That was the day everything started to change.It was a dark day and the sky was threatening to pour out tears of rain that would drown the village.I was running to the shelter of my house when I ran right into him almost falling over.He caught me before I hit the ground and looked down at me as he held me away from the ground at a slight angle.He looked at me with the dark desire of demon and I knew what he was right away.He was not a mortal man but a demon in the guise of a mortal man.” Suddenly you see a young man with long black hair and piercing black eyes comes into view.He is laughing as he faces a beautiful young woman with long black hair,soft frightened green eyes, and soft features so unlike those of the seer before you, but after a moment of thinking you realize that she is the seer in front of you.You gasp softly in surprise and keep watching.The scene changes into that of a dark looming forest at night with rain falling like tears from the dark sky and the seer voice says softly in the same hypnotic voice “It was later on that night the rain started to fall and I followed him and his followers into the forest.What I saw was horrifying and changed me forever.One of his newest followers who had not started to change was tied up in the middle of a satanic symbol blindfolded with a piece of crimson

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