Madame Bovary Style Analysis

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A day of a common doctor, Charles Bovary, is described in Gustave Flaubert’s passage from Madame Bovary. The author uses great detail to show the reader the typical house call in 1902. Due to this detail, the author establishes the tones of calmness and intensity. Throughout the passage from Madame Bovary, the tones established through detail, imagery and figurative language reveal the character of Charles to the reader. The detail in the beginning of the passage allows the reader to feel a serene and calm tone. The woman with the “blue dress with three flounces” welcomes Charles into her home with a “big open fire”, just as the “first rays of sun” peaks through the windows. This allows the reader to feel the serenity of a typical…show more content…
He also shows Charle's attentiveness and attention to detail. In the moments of calm, after the man's fracture had been dealt with and healed, Charles takes a moment to really study Mademoiselle Emma's eyes and hands. The imagery in this section makes it possible for the reader to see Emma as Charles sees her and to understand the quiet peacefulness of the section. Flaubert also establishes an intense tone in his passage. When Charles first meets the patient “sweating under the blanket” and “cursing”, he sees a “large decanter of brandy” that the patient had been drinking to “dull the pain and remain strong”. The pain was so overwhelming for the patient that he had to drink to overcome the pain and curse to gain strength. This provides an intense tone because the reader senses the pain the man is in from the descriptions of the man, and his surroundings. Charles realizes that “the finest thing about her was her eyes,” the way that they draw him in and appear “black under the long eyelashes” and have a “fearless candor” to them. The detail here represents an intensity shown between Charles and Mademoiselle Emma because Charles in drawn in by the deep darkness of Emma’s eyes and finds them intriguing dark and beautiful. Charles also realizes that even
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