Madder Research Paper

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Madder is one of the most important ancient dyes as it is commonly used in different ancient cultures (Robertson, 1973; Weigle, 1974; Gofifer, 1980; Geijer, 1982; Mills & White, 1987; Wickens, 1990). The art of dyeing with madder appears to have originated in the east, passed to the ancient Egyptians and Persians and thence to the Greeks and Romans (Goffer, 1980). Madder was popular in the Middle East and has been identified on clothes found in Egyptian tombs and woollen fabrics found in the Judean Desert. It was also used as paint on Greek terracotta statuettes (Goffer, 1980).Madder also enjoyed popularity for its medicinal properties, and the dye has been identified in human bones found at Kumran (in Palestine). It appears that people of
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