Maddi Stock Of Bread Case Study

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Today was Maddi first day at the fish panty. Maddi was given a tour of the facility when she arrived. The manager asked Maddi what her name was and Maddi did not respond to the manager with her name. The Discovery Coach encouraged Maddi to tell the manager her name. Maddi still did not give the manager her name, so the Discovery Coach introduced Maddi to the manager. After that Maddi started talking to the manager about how her dad has drove a fore Clift before. Discovery Staff has observed that Maddi does not respond when people ask her questions, however, she is comfortable in conversing if it something about herself.

Maddi starter her shift by filling up the yogurt/milk cooler. Maddi did an adequate job of filling the milk up and lining the product up. Maddi did not mind going in and out of the cooler or freezer while at this site. Furthermore, Maddi worked a lot today on keeping the bread station stocked up. The bread station, had every type of bread that you could imagine, for example, buns, sandwich bread, English muffins, bagels, rolls etcetera. Maddi was able to check the bread for mold and place the bread in the right location. The fish pantry was full of customers and the bread was flying off the shelves first. Maddi was able to restock and ensure there was a plentiful stock of bread.
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Another task Maddi worked on was making sure the potato counter was constantly filled up. She handled that task with
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