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“Made in America” The trend towards outsourcing overseas and the slowly decreasing of American manufacturing has made it very difficult to find American-made goods, but not impossible. There are a few small businesses that are still dedicated to manufacturing goods in the United States, but in today’s society, they are hard to come by. Buying goods manufacturing in the USA is something that us consumers, business owners and even the government can do to support these businesses that manufacture their products in America. Pros: 1. No Language Barrier: Communication with your suppliers would be much easier if you’re manufacturing in the United States. There would be no language barrier, no cultural conflict, and overall much easier…show more content…
Outsourced jobs are usually done by workers who are overworked, underpaid, sometimes physically abused or work in dangerous working environments. 3. Environment: By manufacturing goods in the United States, air pollution and environmental burdens will definitely increase. Much of the production and manufacturing in America is dependent on energy and relies on many different resources for producing goods. As Americans, we want to live sustainably and support USA, but by increasing United States manufacturing, we’re increasing air pollution and will continue hurting the environment if we’re using American resources and production. 4. Overseas Competition: 98% of clothes bought in the United States are made overseas, with China being by far the leading country, which leaves only 2% made in America. There is no way that America could even come close to the amount of goods that China produces. In just one city in China, they manufacture 1/3 of the world’s socks! I don’t think it is even feasible to compete with China now, or ever. What we’re good at manufacturing here in the United States is the production of advanced goods such as winter proof, waterproof, and wind proof clothing. But besides that, I don’t think we will ever be able to compete with China’s high rate of production. "Small businesses are responsible for two out of every three new jobs created in the U.S. We need these small to
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